Tuesday, July 10, 2012

officer big mac; family in car

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was at a McDonald's playground. I was floating over one of those old playground items which is like a gigantic Officer Big Mac (the police character in McDonaldland), except that the mouth is bars, like in a prison. I probably thought that Officer Big Mac was Mayor McCheese.

I was floating near the back of Officer Big Mac's head. On the back of the head there was a big red stamp. The red stamp almost looked like the stamp used as a signature on artworks like Japanese scrolls. But the stamp was in English, and it said something specific, possibly something very threatening.

Dream #2

There was a family in a car. Either this family or some other people (who had then become this family) had just been through a series of events. But those events, whatever they were, were now over. The family was in their car, driving away happily.

The family was probably American, and possibly of Middle Eastern descent. The father was in the driver's seat. He was clean-shaven, with a kind of sharp jaw and gentle eyes. He had a hairstyle with the top a little long, so that the bangs curled just a bit over his forehead. The mother was very pretty and elegant, which long hair. Both the father and the mother had dark black hair. The father may have had a streak or two of grey in his hair. The father wore a black casual shirt. The mother probably wore a black dress.

There were probably two kids in the back seat: a boy and a girl. But I don't think I saw them.