Sunday, July 1, 2012

would she fly the spaceship?

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was floating, probably over some kind of computerized-looking river and landscape. I was actually standing on some rectangle, maybe ten meters long and five meters wide. A similar rectangle floated about 5 meters over my head. The squares were a tannish, electronic color. The river was a mixture of purple and tan, the liquidy flowing of it making it look like chrome. The city in the distance, as well as the sky, were also some kind of tannish, electronic color.

A man sat on the floating rectangle with me. He was either sitting in a wheelchair or in a regular chair. He was old, and he seemed to be too weak to stand. I admired him, and he was in a position of authority, but he didn't have any authority over me. I think I probably would have liked to work for him. But it seemed like that wasn't going to happen.

The man asked me about my old friend, KU. He told me he wanted her for some project, which was for operating some vehicle, possibly a car, but probably a spaceship.

I called KU somehow. She appeared. The old man spoke back and forth with KU about the project. I may have had to intercede somehow, occasionally, to help KU understand exactly what the old man was saying.

It seemed like KU actually wasn't interested in taking the assignment. I really wanted KU to take the assignment. It sounded really exciting, and I was sure that once she started it she'd really like it. But I knew that I couldn't push her to do anything. The best way to try to persuade KU would be by remaining cheerful and explaining the good points of the project. If she accepted, she accepted. If she didn't, she didn't.