Thursday, July 12, 2012

cooking potatoes; grandma's and my bills; not dying

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

It was night. I was in the kitchen of some apartment. All the lights in the apartment were off. The only light coming into the apartment was the blue light of the moon coming in through the windows. There were no windows in the kitchen, so the kitchen was particularly dim.

I may have been myself, or I may have been a young woman with black hair done up in pig tails. I had been cooking potatoes, doing so as a kind of illustration for somebody on how to cook potatoes.

There were a group of men, kind of tough-looking men maybe in their forties, all sitting out at my dining table. The light of the moon shone directly onto the dining table.

In my mind's eye I saw some small potatoes all piled up on top of each other on a square plate. The potatoes were covered over with something like a napkin or handkerchief. I imagined the napkin being pulled off the potatoes as I told the men that ----- potatoes (I can't remember what kind) were very special in that, to protect their (moistness or flavor?) they needed to be covered over with a satin sheet.

I was now back in the kitchen. I had a small pot full of full-sized potatoes. The potatoes looked like they had been baked, but they may have been boiled. I grabbed one of the potatoes. I pulled the skin all the way off the potato in one easy pull. It was like the skin had only been fitting very loosely onto the potato. I then shoved all the skin in my mouth and ate it. I thought it was delicious, and that it meant the potato would be very good.

I commented to the men at the table that the skin had come off so easily. I thought that might mean that the potato would be bad. The men replied that that meant the potato would be good. They even asked me what I was asking them for. Hadn't I just mentioned (or thought?), they asked, that a potato with loose skin would be good?

I knew they were right. I thought that the potato itself would be really moist and soft. I knew it would be delicious. I may have thought of eating one right now.

Dream #2

My grandmother had an electricity bill that needed to be paid. But somehow my mom and I had paid it off. We now needed to tell my grandma that we had paid off this bill.

We found my grandma down in some huge basement. It seemed like it may have been the basement for a house, but it was really huge. The place seemed run-down. It was really dim, like there was just some bright incandescent bulb, like might be found in a mine, shining for the whole basement.

I saw my grandma and told her that her electricity bill was paid off. My grandma hugged me and said thank you. My mom paced behind my grandma, giving her a mean kind of look, as if she were jealous of my grandma for thanking only me and not my mom.

My grandma then either told me that she had paid my electricity bill, or that I should also worry about my own electricity bill. My grandma made it sound like my bill was dangerously behind. I was kind of surprised by this. I didn't know my electricity bill had been behind. But my grandma said it was.

My mom took me upstairs to explain my electricity bill. We were up in a smallish living room. The lights were all on, but it still wasn't bright. The living room was pretty active, with all my nephews  playing around, running into and out of the house. My sister may have been in the living room as well.

My mom had something like a sketch pad that was wire-bound at the top. She flipped open the sketch pad. I could see something about the pad that implied that the identity of the person whose usage of electricity I was going to have to pay for was a pretty, long-haired woman. I saw -- somewhere, somehow -- a quick sketch of the woman in the nude, the curves of her body accentuated in a sexy way.

My mom showed me the electricity I had used. This usage had led me to believe that I only owed a certain amount on my electricity. But there had been additional usage, possibly by this woman, that I hadn't known about. I hadn't paid my bills on this usage for a number of months now, and now I owed something like $85.

The utility worker who would come out and inspect meters and decide whether to turn the electricity off or keep it on, and who was herself a very pretty woman, had been kind to me, my mother explained, and allowed my electricity to stay on, even when I wasn't paying the bills. But now, my mom explained, it was getting to the point where I would have to pay the money I owed.

Dream #3

It was night. Somebody may have been in a hospital and dying. It may have been me. My whole family was in one room of the hospital, possibly in with the person who was dying. 

I felt like I needed to prove that I wasn't the one who was dying. I was now at some other place in the hospital, and I needed to get back to my family to prove I wasn't dying. I entered the room that my family was in. I tried to prove to my family, apparently just with my presence and the fact that I could walk upright, that I wasn't dying.


UPDATE: A discussion of some of the images in these dreams can be found at this entry in my dreamday journal.

UPDATE 2: Added drawing for dream #1, July 12, 2012, 11:34 AM, Mountain Standard Time.