Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the city in a mall

Good morning, everybody.

Dream #1

I was on a subway train with "my family." The family sometimes appeared to be my family and other times appeared to be a wealthy family, with a father, a mother, and at least a pretty, blonde daughter. There may have been other people with this other family, like extended family members coming along on vacation. I'm not sure whether I saw from my height or the height of a child. But I was my current age, at least mentally.

The train we were on seemed a bit more like an airport train than a subway train. It seemed like the cars were really small and clean, and like everybody was standing up.

The train either stopped or slowed down. An announcer, probably a computer voice, came on and told us that the train would be detoured. This was a big inconvenience for my family. We decided that we would get off the train as soon as possible and take some other form of transportation to our destination. But this seemed inconvenient to me. The other transportation would be biking or walking, which would take a long time, or driving, which would cost a lot of money.

I felt bad about the train getting detoured. I thought it was my fault somehow. I think it had been my suggestion to take the train. I'd thought it was the most convenient way to go. I think I even (at this point I'm pretty sure my view was from a child's height) tried to justify our having taken the train to everybody -- even though nobody seemed to think badly about my having suggested the train.

But when we got off the train, it was like we were almost to our destination, anyway. We walked out onto a huge concrete plaza, which felt bleached white by the sunlight. Off to our right was another train. We may have headed over to catch that train. At this point, my family was a lot more like my waking life family -- or, at least my mom was a lot more like my waking life mom.

The train took us a short distance, still along this giant concrete walkway, to a set of escalators that went inside a building. This was our destination. I knew that our plan was to check into our hotel and then go to the Museum of Natural History. I may even have called it Denver Museum of Natural History, like we were in Denver, on vacation. (Denver is where I live in waking life.)

We went up the escalators. Somehow I lost my family. I was completely by myself. I was in some gigantic shopping mall. I had no idea how I was going to find my family. But I knew where we were going. We were heading to the hotel and to the museum. I knew that everything in the city was in this mall, or was at least connected to this mall. You could reach every place in the city through the mall. So all I'd have to do is find the hotel and the museum. Then I'd be able to find my family.

I went to some huge sign that listed some of the major areas of the mall. I looked for the listings for the hotel and the museum. I may have known that the mall was divided into different sections, each section being denoted by a different color. I knew that the museum and hotel were in the red section of the mall. So I looked for the hotel and museum in the red section listings.

I apparently found out where the hotel and museum were. I began rushing toward the hotel, down through a hallway that I believed was a part of the red section of the mall. But for some reason I either forgot where the hotel and museum were, or else I became uncertain about whether I was travelling in the right direction. So I had to stop and look for directions again.

I found a directions sign hanging over an escalator bank that was coming up from a lower level. Some young man seemed to be headed toward either the escalators or a place where he could get a good view of the directions sign. I was in a big hurry to get to the sign as well, and I think I cut the guy off. I apologized to him. But he said it wasn't a big deal.

I thought that I found the hotel on the directions sign. But what I actually found was a hotel belonging to the same chain, but at a different location. Right underneath that hotel was another hotel belonging to the same chain. The location name for that specific hotel may have been "Quemada." I looked at a different spot on the directions sign and found the hotel I was looking for, which now may have been named "Denver West."

I rushed toward the hotel again. But I may have stopped again. I may have wondered whether I should be meeting my family at the museum instead of at the hotel.

But I think I ended up at the hotel. I think I stood in front of the entrance to the hotel. It looked like the entrance to any other shop in a shopping mall: square, wide, and kind of short. I didn't walk in or head up to the hotel room yet.

But I knew -- like I could hear my mom talking to me from somewhere -- saying that everybody else had decided they were just going to end their day here in the hotel. Nobody was planning on going to the museum. I thought this would obviously include me. If nobody else was going to the museum, I wouldn't be allowed to go, either. But I think I started to think of a way that I could go even if nobody else was going.


UPDATE: A discussion of some of the images from this dream can be found at this entry in my dreamday journal.